Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Review] Too Faced - Brow Kit and Natural Face

If it isn't clear by now, I love makeup. Too Faced is becoming one of my favorite brands. Last January I bought their Romantic Eye eyeshadow kit and fell in love. I'm very serious about my eyebrows, and have been eyeing the Brow Kit for a long time. The Natural Face kit was a gift from my bestie Aziza for Christmas. Being a cosplayer has encouraged me to discover more about face contouring, and this kit is perfect for a starter like me.

Such dreamy packaging.

Instructions included.
If you haven't experienced a Too Faced kit yet, they are a neatly oraganized, and adorable makeup package. The Brow Kit includes setting wax, highlighter, blonde and brunette shadows, tweezers, brushes, a pencil, and three stencils to help you acheive the perfect brows.

The Natural Face kit includes a bronzer, a creme blush, a powder blush, concealer, brightener, and luminzer. Three tutorial cards are included that are so wonderfully detailed with easy steps to follow.

Day Glow with Femme Fatal brows using Too Face "Sweet Pink" blush.

Classic Radiance

Supermodel Sculpt
Photo by Giosia Photography

I'm still learning a lot about face contouring, and I am so happy with these kits that they are a instantly recommendation from me. Thanks for reading, lovelies! 

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