Friday, January 10, 2014

[30 Day Challenge] Day 10 - What's In Your Bag?


The month in which this challenge is happening is a special month that stretches over several months. Ha ha ha, just kidding, it's just me trying to juggle many things  I've started up college again and I'm back at work so things might be slow around here. Today's topic for the 30 Day Lolita Challenge is "What's inside your bag". They say you can tell a lot about someone about what you find in their bag. Let's see what mine says about me.

Sanrio x Tokidoki tote
I've owned two Tokidoki purses, this one being my second. the first one I bought when I was 18, and I used it until November 2013. That's 7 years with the same purse! I'm very picky about  what purse I use. I like them to be big enough to hold all of my usual things, plus a water bottle and paperwork for work. This bag hasn't let me down yet! Now for a peek inside.

Such pocket. Very space. wow.

These items are consistantly with me. I usually have a pair of gloves in here too, and maybe some snacks. The one thing that I always have with me that I don't keep in my purse is my keys. I really don't like digging in my purse for my keys so I keep them in my coat pocket. 

Band-Aids, pain killers, eye drops, eye glasses case, makeup pouch, wallet, and checkbook.

The contents of my purse aren't very exciting, but thanks for reading lovelies! 

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