Friday, September 20, 2013

[Fashion] Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK II

For my birthday this year I traveled 678 miles to Fog City a.k.a San Francisco. I told everyone that besides this trip being a much needed vacation I was going to touring AAU (I'll post about this later), which I indeed do, but the true reason was to scratch off visiting BTSSB and Angelic Pretty San Francisco from my lolita bucket list.

The boutiques were adorable and bright and was almost like walking into a small part of heaven. Believe me when I say I touched all the things (there was literally no garment that escaped my fingers). I was pleased to see that Alice and The Pirates was still taking reservations on their coveted Merry Making in the Ghost Town series, and I was even more pleased that all of the items I wanted were still available! All of the pieces arrived this week and I'm sharing a closer look with you.

Full coordinate with a Bodyline blouse.

The material used is called banian which is a thin cotton material that has a slight crepe texture to it. The skirt is the only part of the garment that is fully lined.


The back is partially shirred with a corset style lace up. There is also elastic in the back waist of the dress, and it has detachable ribbons.

This is Halloween 
Close up of the gate.
The print is a unique skyline of creepy Victorian mansions accompanied by rustic looking grave stones. There is gold flossing used throughout the print, mainly in the sparkles and the windows of the mansions.

Close up of removable chain and ribbon.
Cross pendant.

Dress without ribbons.
The ribbons and gold chain on the front of the dress are removable, allowing more versatility and coordinate options.

The head bow is asymmetrical and sits adorably on the side of the head. The bow has a thin wire in it to help hold it's shape. The ribbon is lined with velvet and matching lace to the dress. The detachable ribbons are made from a sturdy material. The chains are made from two different sized links, and the pendant is inlaid with rhinestones. The OTKs are made from a soft cotton, and gold flossing is used in the details.

This dress is beautiful! It fully captures the spirit of my favorite holiday, and I am so glad to add this creepy cute print to my collection.
Thanks for reading lovelies! ☆彡