Friday, August 16, 2013

[DIY] Flower Crown

Photo by Red Envelope Photography

As an avid tumblr reblogger I've seen my fair share of flower crowns photo shopped onto some of my favorite celebrities and fictional characters. I have have also seen aesthetically pleasing photographs of boho beauties, and ever lovely pastel goth girls crowning themselves with flowers. These delightful accessories add a touchy of whimsy and magic to any outfit, and as an individual that lives and breathes those two things I simple had to make a flower crown for my own photo shoots.

Lavender garden rose, ivory confetti rose, baby's breath, blue clematis, and pink hydrangea 
Floral wire and tape, common household scissors, and heavy duty clippers.
I bought all of my supplies from Jo-Ann's, and it cost me around $40. I used two pieces of the floral wire, and bent them into a crescent shape. Before I secured the ends together with the floral tape, I measured the wire around my head to make sure it was the correct size. I made mine a little on the big size since I would be wearing the crown with wigs too. After I determined the size was a perfect fit I taped the ends together.

A small bunch of hydrangea and rose flowers.
After carefully considering my color pallet I made small bunches with the flower before adding them to the wire. Since the flowers I picked are large I didn't use more than 2 blossoms per bunch. I arranged them carefully so that no petals were squished or flattened before I taped the stems together before attaching the bunch to the wire with the floral tape. The whole process, including trimming down the stems of the flowers and playing around with arrangement, took me about 2 hours.

If you found my process helpful, please share your photos of your flower crowns with me!
Thanks for reading, lovelies! ☆彡

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